Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Engagement Ring

My engagement ring and wedding band adorn my hand everyday; and everyday I think about conversations and remarks with women about them. So, I'm going to get this off of my chest so I can focus on more important reminders of my wedding band set.

My engagement ring is a gold band with a princess cut diamond on it. It's not a carat, I'm not actually sure of it's size. It's not so small that you have to break out the magnifying glass but it's not the biggest one I've seen either. My band is also gold and has several small princess cut diamonds in the center. Very simple.

I've often had other women comment on the size of my ring. I'm serious! Who does that? Well I'm not in the business of naming names. It often happens with it catching their eye and they want to see it. When they do it's an awkward oh that's...uh...nice. They happen to have something silver or white gold with lots of flashy diamonds with the band all wrapped around the engagement ring, etc. Pricey! Or they want to announce that this was an anniversary band or how they PICKED IT OUT THEMSELVES!!!

Well, I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. It's not the ring that defines your marriage or the love in that marriage or the devotion of your husband! You're not supposed to pick your ring out yourself! That's absurd!

I was 20 years old, my husband 21. High School Sweethearts. We had been together for 4 years. My best friend had just gotten married and all my other friends were getting engaged. He and I started talking about the future, and well he was starting to scare me with talks of not wanting to get married! I'm very gullible and I was starting to get upset. A couple of weeks later, he and I were bored and decided to go to Joseph Beth Bookstore which backed up to a pond with a fountain. When we got there, he parked around back, which was weird because we never went in that way, but whatever I went with it. As I approached the pond, he a few steps behind me, I asked him if he remembered that we sat here after a movie on our first date. I turned around and he was on one knee with a ring in his hand. Of course he remembered! That's why he brought me there.

I was instantly in tears, we had to rush home so I could show my mom my beautiful engagement ring. We were in college, he didn't have a big shot job, he worked hard to save every penny for that ring. It was amazing. He chose it himself and I instantly loved it. I still do.

We've been married 11 years now and I still love this ring. Back then, it was the nicest THING we owned. We didn't have much. Now we have a nice life and it's still the nicest piece of jewelry I own. It may not look like much to other women, but to me it reminds me of how much we love each other.

I don't need for him to buy me anniversary bands or replace this ring with a bigger diamond. I wouldn't let him! I love it. He does so much more for me and our family. I don't need jewelry when he provides for our family, he works hard even when he doesn't want to or doesn't like his job, he does it anyway for us. He's built us a beautiful home with his own hands and he's become such a wonderful father and role model to our 3 children.

I look at this ring and I'm reminded that he chose to ask me to marry him, surprised me by asking me in such a sentimental and romantic way and saved every penny he had to buy me this ring. He didn't buy whatever I picked out  knowing that he would propose any day now.

It's a daily reminder of his love for me and the life we've built together,  and it will never grow old.

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