Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What are you looking at?

While the husband was out....of the country..... for work, the boys and I had to deal and find things to occupy our time & minds so that we didn't miss daddy so much.

So one night we went on a walk, which doesn't seem like a big deal but sometimes going on a walk without the assistance of another adult can be quite a task as Reed can get a little out of control. So we left the house and I had my phone in my pocket in case daddy called while we were out. So while at the busiest intersection in our neighborhood, daddy calls. I stop the boys while I chat on the phone. I know the boys are right next to me but I'm not paying attention to what they are doing. I do notice however a man out for a stroll and he is laughing at us. I'm thinking to myself...what are you looking at? what is so funny?

Then I look down and see.

Reed has his pants & underwear around his ankles shirt pulled up just peeing right out onto the street from the sidewalk. Cars are driving by, the man is walking around the stream of pee laughing. I'm screaming at Reed to pull up his pants while Eric is on the phone worried at first because I was screaming then laughing after he figures out what has happened.

Kai looks at his brother as we hurriedly walk away and says, Reed, you can't just whip it out and pee whenever you want. You embarrassed me!

You & Me both buddy!

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