Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reed is 3

Reed is now 3! He is a crazy mix up of all sorts of things. He's hyper, independent, whiney, funny, shy yet talkative, very loving, but can be very mean, smart yet stubborn, daring yet cautious. It's like he tests the waters first then its full on crazy after that.

Here are some things I want to remember about Reed:

  • When we are home, he is always wearing a costume of some sort...usually a SuperHero
  • He obviously still talks like a 2 year old should but thinks he is pronouncing it right so when you imitate him he trys to correct you...for example: 
Reed: " Why Mowgy barkin" (Why Mowgli...the dog...barking)
 Me: " I don't know why Mowgy barkin"
Reed: "No...Pah Pah Pah Mowgy"
He is attempting to make the letter sound and he honestly thinks he is pronouncing Mowgli correctly.
  • He has the most contagious laugh. You could have no idea why he is laughing but you will soon start laughing yourself
  • He knows how to pull on your heartstrings...for instance, this is what happens every night:
Me: Reed, time to go to bed
Reed: But I no wanna go to bed
Me: Well sorry but it's time.
Reed: Will You hol' me for a wiiiitle bit
Me: I don't know
Reed: will make me so happy

  • He loves to drink Chocolate Milk. He has to have a drink in his hand at all times but he usually demands it to be chocolate milk
  • His favorite place to be is at home, until he doesn't get his way then it's Nanna's.
  • He loves that's all he would eat if I let him...his favorite is probably a B Nanga  ( Banana)
  • Everyone is his best friend especially his big brother whom he loves dearly
  • He has the chubbiest cheeks, the bluest eyes and long blonde hair (long for a boy anyway)
  • He is very well behaved when he is by himself. Put Kai (his big brother) in the mix and all hell breaks loose. Why?? I have no idea why.
  • He bargains for things he wants or things you want him to do for kisses "Give me a kiss and I will"
  • He loves to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Cat in the Hat, and IRON MAN the movie. ( I know totally inappropraite for a 3 year old..but I can only do so much)
  • He is tough as nails...during his finger prick and flu shot later...NO TEARS! He's tougher than his 7 year old brother!
  • He already knows how to work the iPad, and the computer to get on PBSKIDS.ORG
  • He loves to sing his prayers all the time. (now I lay me down to sleep prayer)
  • I ask him where I got him when he's acting goofy and he simply responds..."From Jesus"