Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Too Cool For Mommy

Kai is my big 1st grader this year. New school, new friends and new agendas. ( I say that because 1st grade is so different than Kindergarten!)

I pack Kai's lunch for school everyday and when I give him a Rice Krispie Treat I write on it I LOVE YOU! So a couple of nights ago, he was cleaning out his lunchbox and stumble upon the rice krispie treat wrapper and showed it to me.

Kai: Mom, when you write I love you on my rice krispie treat, it embarrasses me!
Me: (choking back tears) Don't you want your mommy to love you?
Kai: Yes
Me: If your friends had notes on their rice krispie treats would you make fun of them?
Kai: No
Me: Well then don't worry about what other people think about you!
Kai: Well ok but can you just stop writing that on my rice krispie treat?

I raised the white flag and retreated to hide my tears. My sweet little Kai has never been embarrassed of his mommy before. He is so loving and embarrassment from his parents is not in his nature. I knew that the outside influences of the outside world would turn him against us sooner or later.

Well so I thought.


Me: Kai, how was school? I didn't send a note on your rice krispie treat today!!
Kai: School was good mommy and it made me really sad when you didn't write on my rice krispie treat so I didn't eat it.
Me: But I thought that embarrassed you so that's why I didn't write on it.
Kai: It's okay mommy, I like it when you write me notes on my rice krispie treat.

Again, I had to choke back the tears and tell myself that I should have known better than to think that my dear sweet Kai would be so influenced by what other kids thought of him. I realize that one day he will as we all were in school. But for now my 1st grader is still my little 1st grader and I can sleep soundly tonight.

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  1. That's sweet. Last year, all the kids compared notes, so I had to try to think of something clever and original at 6 a.m.