Monday, September 19, 2011

The Name Game

Both of my boys go by their middle name. I have no clue why I did this. It just sounded better that way. I never realized the effect it would have until Kai was 3 and enrolled in Pee Wee Sports with the YMCA and I had to fill the enrollment form out with his first and middle name. So Matthew Kai is how I filled it out. So 1st day the coach is yelling for Matthew to step up to the plate to bat the ball but Kai is just looking around and the coach is thoroughly confused as to where Matthew is. Finally I set the record straight and then had to teach Kai his full name in case this ever happened again.

Kai took it upon himself to teach Reed his first name which is Hayden. It took Reed a while to understand the whole first name middle name thing we had started but now...He calls himself Hayden Reed. For Example This morning:

Me: Reed, do you want to take your Hulk Hands into Nanna's house?
Reed: No I don't want to be Hulk today. I want to be Hayden Reed.
Me: You want to be Hayden Reed? Sounds good!
Reed: That's me, Hayden Reed.

So I guess he has decided to change his name to Hayden Reed. Yes you have to say the whole thing! TOO CUTE!

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