Monday, August 22, 2011

Forever My Baby

Reed is 2...he will be 3 in November. We just started Potty Training this past week and it's been tough. Reed is very hard headed but in this "I'm going to outsmart you" kind of way.

The only way we could get him to even agree to sit on the potty was by bribing him with a box full of candy and toys to reward each potty occurrence. A few days went by and he soon caught on.

One occurrence, he was sitting on the potty and he farted...well "parted" as he would say. As soon as he "parted" he pointed to a hotwheel in the prize bowl and stated he wanted dat one! I reminded him he doesn't get anything for just a "part" he needs to put pee pee or poo in the potty.


Next occurrence he got right back on the potty and starting grunting until his face was red but nothing was happening. I told him that it was ok that nothing happens we can try again next time. He then told me, "No! I Need pee pee to get potty pize!"

Reed is doing a good job but accidents happen you know. I tell him each time that accidents are ok but we need to try harder and not go in our pants. He tells me "I no go pee pee in more!" But he doesn't keep his word!


Today. My mom reported that he has been accident free all day! Telling her each time he has to go. I'm so proud of him. Going to the potty is such a big boy step and although I'm uber excited for him I'm also sad that he's growing up and I no longer have my little baby.

But as I remind both of my boys...they will both be my babies forever and ever!

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