Wednesday, July 6, 2011

168 days to go and another lesson learned

Yes...168 days to go until I turn 30!!!!! This is going to be a long one so bare with me

Since the 4th of July weekend was upon us I took Friday and Tuesday off giving me a five day weekend. They were the best five days I'd had in a long time.

Family time because the hubby took off too swimming and movie: green lantern
Reed tried hitting on a high schooler after the movie while driving a video game car and winking at her!!!!
more precious family time: gardening, shopping and cookout with friends and of course fireworks.
Highlight: I sweat so hard "hoeing" out the garden that mascara ran down my face
More family time of course but also date night! It was amazing
Highlight:my husband gave me a day...a whole weekend...that made me want to run home and write in my diary...if I had a diary!
Cookout at mom and dads with the Wagoners (in laws but I love em) my Gpa and my aunt and her beautiful family. We had a wonderful time being together playing croquet, volleyball, planting pumpkins and gathering our veggies we had grown so far. We ended it with beautiful fireworks.
Highlight: having a family that I'm incredibly grateful for and getting to spend time with them on God's beautiful earth.

We planted pumpkin seeds and attempted to plant REED!

Which brings me to Tuesday. I had promised Kai we would spend the day at the waterpark just me and him...All Day! So we did and we had an absolute blast. I got some mommy time with Kai and me time to lay out. But I realized some things later that night as I laid my burnt ass down to bed.
1. I truly am getting "old" as I no longer tan the way I used to.
            Young, tan & skinny self meet Old Fat and Burnt self...NOT COOL
2. Pools and "WaterParks" should post the following warning everywhere
            ATTENTION if you are a mother who has been hiding from the sun for the past 6 years remember that you are no longer a spring chicken and please apply and RE APPLY sunscreen often!
3. No matter what size you are or how you look in a bathing can still have a great time with your kids if you choose to just let go.

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