Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Potty Training

Eric stopped and picked up a box of diapers for Reed the other night and as he entered the door with over 100 diapers, he announced that this was the last box of diapers he was going to buy. He looked Reed (our 2 year old) dead in the eyes and told him that he needs to wear big boy underwear from now on. Trust me Eric if staring the kids down while attempting to make telepathy work actually did something then I would be doing that even with YOU!

It's a good theory...potty training a 2 1/2 year old. But Reed is so hard headed that he just isn't ready. He has already wet through all the underwear we had and I think he literally waited to go #2 until we put his diaper on for a nap. He wants to be a big boy when it comes to climbing, drinking from a big boy cup, going outside and riding a skateboard but he wants to be a baby when it comes to using the potty and his PIE (pacifier). Really...he even tells me so.

So, we DID attempt the whole potty training idea of Eric's and I did the usual bribe of M&M's if you even attempt to potty. So while I'm in the bathroom with Reed bribing him, Kai is with his Gram in his room.
Kai: Gram, I wish that Reed and I were twins...ya know Identical Twins
Gram: Why is that Kai?
Kai: So that I could potty train with Reed and I could get M&M's too.

He then walks into the bathroom with me & Reed leaving Gram laughing her butt off in the other room.

Kai: Mommy, if Reed gets M&M's then what am I?  CHOPPED LIVER?
Me: Laughing to hard to do anything other than give him a handful of M&M's.

So needless to say, I have given up on potty training for now. It was too frustrating and even though it was Eric's you think he even attempted to help Reed use the potty even one time? No. That was a great idea wasn't it babe...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Member of The Black Eyed Peas

I admit...I let my children listen to some music that most other parents probably would not. But I can't handle The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round...I got to have some beautiful guitar playing with a hypnotizing voice behind it or music with a beat so you can shake it!

Reed and Kai heard The Black Eyed Peas so much that this is now Reed's favorite song. He knows the words...check it out!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Heart Like a Child

I recently read Heaven Is For Real which is a book about a 4 year old that went to heaven during a critical surgery. The book is about all the things he tells his parents about, family member he never knew on earth were there in Heaven to greet him, even his older sister which was a miscarriage was there and explained how anxious she was to meet her parents one day. It was a truly magical book.

One thing it often repeated was how Jesus had told his disciples that you must have a heart like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That has really hit me lately. After reading that story Kai and I would have little talks here and there about different things of the Bible and I learned so much from Kai during those talks.

He is so open to love and not just to his family, to everyone. He told me that he loves Jesus more than he loves me, Reed and his Daddy. Which made me very emotional and I cried as I was over joyed that my son had that much love in his heart for the Lord. That is all I could ever hope for.

Last month, the boys and I had stopped at the Save A Lot grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. While we were in the check out lane, a man had a seizure right in front of the check out lanes. The ambulance came and he was ok but Kai was so concerned for the rest of the night. We prayed for the man and Kai wondered about him often. We have since seen the man walking around downtown and Kai is so thankful that the man is OK.

Also during that time span Eric and I started talking to Kai about Chad coming to live with us. We explained how Chad was in prison (which Kai obviously knew was a bad thing) but we explained how he made a mistake but has paid his price and is now ready to be released. Kai would ask me about once or twice a week if it was almost time for Chad to get out and he would express to me how badly he hoped that he DOES get out. The day of Chad's hearing Kai gasped and looked at me, "mommy we forgot to pray for Chad last night!" So I took him in the other room and we prayed. Now that Chad is at our home living with us, Kai has asked me if Chad could come with him to his Nanna's house. I explained that he could not, Chad had other things to take care of that day. Kai so badly wants Chad to come with him. My mother who keeps Kai during the day said that Kai kept trying to guess at what Chad and his Daddy were doing all day and he kept expressing how badly we wanted to be with them.

What I am getting at here is that Kai has such a big heart. He loves everyone so much. He has humbled me and made me take a 2nd look at my relationship with Jesus and if I truly believe like a child. When you think about it, the memories you have of childhood are the magical ones where you did believe in something so much so hard that it was true no matter what anyone else thought. Believing like a Child and having a heart like a Child is something we should all strive for in life.