Monday, March 14, 2011

Reed Started at the Age of 2

In Kentucky, it isn't uncommon to hear of a person starting their coffee addiction at the age of 5 or their smoking addiction at the age of 16, but what about someone starting the addiction of dipping at the age of 2. Sounds gross I know.

The family and I were at our 2nd home...Mi Casita one night with Michael & Nathan.  Michael & Nathan's ritual at Mi Casita is to eat, drink then ask for a to go cup to use as their spitune as they "dip" for dessert.  We are all in conversation and Nathan had just spit in his Styrofoam cup and placed it back on the table. 
Reed stands up in his chair leans over the table right in the middle of all of us and spits right in Nathan's DRINK. Not the spitune....the drink.

We all died laughing and now they all assume Reed will be telling the tale of how he started dipping at the age of 2!

over my dead body!  But it was good for laughs.