Saturday, January 29, 2011

Soy Milk and Hearing Aids

Today I had gone way too long without my daily dose of coffee, so about 3ish the boys and I head to Starbucks so I could get my fix.

Being a Starbucks addict, you have your perfect drink recited in your head ready to be told to the closest barista. Soy Grande Raspberry Caramel Latte. I was ready. I did consider adding a "triple' in there...but figured the kids had enough energy for me also, so why add more to the mix??

I pull up order my drink, pay and make small talk with the old lady barista. We go on about our way. I take a sip and notice that is not soy and where the heck is my raspberry.


Kai: Mommy what's wrong
Me: The lady made my coffee wrong
Kai: What did she do wrong
Me: She left out my raspberry and gave me whole milk instead of soy
Kai: Who would want soiled milk anyway
Me: Not's fake milk so mommy's tummy won't get upset
Kai: Well that old lady needs a hearing aid.
Me: Laughing Hysterically


  1. You're high maintenance, 'Soy' lady. LOL

  2. Mmm. White chocolate mocha. I don't go very often so I don't feel a bit guilty about ordering full fat-full sugar. The other thing I love is the apple cider, but they don't always have that.