Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow Fun

This year here in Kentucky...we have had our fair share of snow. We've missed like 12 days of school now. Un REAL!

I like to look at the snow only around Christmas. Then I want it to go away. When you have a husband that doesn't shovel the sidewalk or porch (ok, he's done it once and I about had a heart attack when I saw it) the kids track all that snow in the house, you have to wear extra clothes, scarves, hats and gloves so they end up on the floor. Because when you live with 3 MALES that is the most logical place to store them right?

Well we ended up having a big snow this past weekend and even though it was FREEZING out I called up The Wagoner's and the Lloyd's (friends of mine) and we went sleigh riding down the embankment of my parents' non existent pond.

Reed all bundled up like the kid from the Christmas Story was quiet but loved it. He went down the hill with Me, Reagan and Avery. Kai and Reed ended up going inside early but I had a blast going down that hill. The kids all took turns having my Dad and Eric sling shot them down the embankment.

That's me, Shannon, Tessa, Reagan, Avery, Caleb and their dog Maddie at the top of the hill. That was the other funny part...the dogs. Tessa had this bright idea for us both to bring our dogs. Well her dog is a pup mine is about 6 months old but he's a down right idiot.  Maddie did great. She of course ran around like crazy but both my dogs, Mowgli & Smooch (both of the male gender) chased her around like the horn dogs they are. We had to call them off of her several times.

We tied Smooch up several times but kept feeling bad for him, so Eric decided to let him go to give him one last chance. What does he do?? He goes right over to the chickens that were attempting to lay eggs and chased them all around pulling out tail feathers left and right.

It was a great day. But now I'm ready for the snow to leave!

Here is Eric pushing me and Reed down the hill

and Here is Eric going down the hill himself...backwards

Kai going headfirst

Kai taking a nap halfway back up the hill

Reagan, Avery & Reed...two mother hens and one terrified babychick
Reed catching a ride back up the hill

Aunt Tessa & Reed

Avery and Reed

I have no clue what Tessa is doing here...she's either trying to hitch a ride down the hill or save my son.


  1. I was giving him the 'BIG' push. I actually ended up hurting myself a little in the process, but his laugh was worth every bruise. Good post!!

  2. I love the snow. And sledding is my favorite part. We haven't gotten to do it this year, but usually Uncle Duwayne takes the girls down the hill at Northern. You haven't nearly had a heart attack until you've watched a kid head down that hill!