Monday, January 17, 2011

The least of my worries

So even though one day Kai MAY read this and hate me for telling this, I have to tell it! I never in a million years thought that I would have my son telling me this:

Saturday my husband took Kai to the Collins' house for some pre-game construction work on their house...and then eventually watch the game.  Well right at game time (UK Basketball...what other kind of game time would I be talking about??) Kai and Eric came rushing back in the door. Kai's face was all red and he was crying.

"Ava & Andrew were putting girl stuff on me!"

Yes, he came home crying because a little girl was attempting to dress him up (including makeup) like a girl. He says Andrew was involved but later we found out he was not.

Kai loves little Ava dearly so he just couldn't be mean and tell her NO, instead he just couldn't take it anymore and just started crying. He also doesn't like for you to invade his personal space...which she was doing while attempting to put on a pretty shade of pink makeup.

I know it doesn't SOUND that funny...but I just never imagined that THIS would be a problem while playing with friends...

He took a nap and soon forgot all about it and in fact played with Andrew & Ava later that night. Too funny!

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