Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reed is 3

Reed is now 3! He is a crazy mix up of all sorts of things. He's hyper, independent, whiney, funny, shy yet talkative, very loving, but can be very mean, smart yet stubborn, daring yet cautious. It's like he tests the waters first then its full on crazy after that.

Here are some things I want to remember about Reed:

  • When we are home, he is always wearing a costume of some sort...usually a SuperHero
  • He obviously still talks like a 2 year old should but thinks he is pronouncing it right so when you imitate him he trys to correct you...for example: 
Reed: " Why Mowgy barkin" (Why Mowgli...the dog...barking)
 Me: " I don't know why Mowgy barkin"
Reed: "No...Pah Pah Pah Mowgy"
He is attempting to make the letter sound and he honestly thinks he is pronouncing Mowgli correctly.
  • He has the most contagious laugh. You could have no idea why he is laughing but you will soon start laughing yourself
  • He knows how to pull on your heartstrings...for instance, this is what happens every night:
Me: Reed, time to go to bed
Reed: But I no wanna go to bed
Me: Well sorry but it's time.
Reed: Will You hol' me for a wiiiitle bit
Me: I don't know
Reed: will make me so happy

  • He loves to drink Chocolate Milk. He has to have a drink in his hand at all times but he usually demands it to be chocolate milk
  • His favorite place to be is at home, until he doesn't get his way then it's Nanna's.
  • He loves that's all he would eat if I let him...his favorite is probably a B Nanga  ( Banana)
  • Everyone is his best friend especially his big brother whom he loves dearly
  • He has the chubbiest cheeks, the bluest eyes and long blonde hair (long for a boy anyway)
  • He is very well behaved when he is by himself. Put Kai (his big brother) in the mix and all hell breaks loose. Why?? I have no idea why.
  • He bargains for things he wants or things you want him to do for kisses "Give me a kiss and I will"
  • He loves to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Cat in the Hat, and IRON MAN the movie. ( I know totally inappropraite for a 3 year old..but I can only do so much)
  • He is tough as nails...during his finger prick and flu shot later...NO TEARS! He's tougher than his 7 year old brother!
  • He already knows how to work the iPad, and the computer to get on PBSKIDS.ORG
  • He loves to sing his prayers all the time. (now I lay me down to sleep prayer)
  • I ask him where I got him when he's acting goofy and he simply responds..."From Jesus"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Duck Food

So I took the boys to the park Sunday, we had a blast, it was so beautiful.  We took a stroll to the pond to check out the ducks. A nice little girl offered Reed and Kai both a piece of bread that she was feeding the ducks with so that they could join her.

So while I was explaining to the boys to tear off a small piece to give to them I looked down and Reed was EATING the bread. Bread from a stranger which was probably stale or moldy...was in his mouth. I quickly told well maybe screamed at him not to eat that bread, it was for the ducks. He still had some in his hand which was quickly snatched away by a duck.

The crying soon commenced.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Name Game

Both of my boys go by their middle name. I have no clue why I did this. It just sounded better that way. I never realized the effect it would have until Kai was 3 and enrolled in Pee Wee Sports with the YMCA and I had to fill the enrollment form out with his first and middle name. So Matthew Kai is how I filled it out. So 1st day the coach is yelling for Matthew to step up to the plate to bat the ball but Kai is just looking around and the coach is thoroughly confused as to where Matthew is. Finally I set the record straight and then had to teach Kai his full name in case this ever happened again.

Kai took it upon himself to teach Reed his first name which is Hayden. It took Reed a while to understand the whole first name middle name thing we had started but now...He calls himself Hayden Reed. For Example This morning:

Me: Reed, do you want to take your Hulk Hands into Nanna's house?
Reed: No I don't want to be Hulk today. I want to be Hayden Reed.
Me: You want to be Hayden Reed? Sounds good!
Reed: That's me, Hayden Reed.

So I guess he has decided to change his name to Hayden Reed. Yes you have to say the whole thing! TOO CUTE!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Too Cool For Mommy

Kai is my big 1st grader this year. New school, new friends and new agendas. ( I say that because 1st grade is so different than Kindergarten!)

I pack Kai's lunch for school everyday and when I give him a Rice Krispie Treat I write on it I LOVE YOU! So a couple of nights ago, he was cleaning out his lunchbox and stumble upon the rice krispie treat wrapper and showed it to me.

Kai: Mom, when you write I love you on my rice krispie treat, it embarrasses me!
Me: (choking back tears) Don't you want your mommy to love you?
Kai: Yes
Me: If your friends had notes on their rice krispie treats would you make fun of them?
Kai: No
Me: Well then don't worry about what other people think about you!
Kai: Well ok but can you just stop writing that on my rice krispie treat?

I raised the white flag and retreated to hide my tears. My sweet little Kai has never been embarrassed of his mommy before. He is so loving and embarrassment from his parents is not in his nature. I knew that the outside influences of the outside world would turn him against us sooner or later.

Well so I thought.


Me: Kai, how was school? I didn't send a note on your rice krispie treat today!!
Kai: School was good mommy and it made me really sad when you didn't write on my rice krispie treat so I didn't eat it.
Me: But I thought that embarrassed you so that's why I didn't write on it.
Kai: It's okay mommy, I like it when you write me notes on my rice krispie treat.

Again, I had to choke back the tears and tell myself that I should have known better than to think that my dear sweet Kai would be so influenced by what other kids thought of him. I realize that one day he will as we all were in school. But for now my 1st grader is still my little 1st grader and I can sleep soundly tonight.

Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Grade

So I'm a little behind...Kai started 1st grade on August 9th...and I'm just now blogging about it. That's bad I know!

Kai has started 1st grade at a different school than Kindergarten but he is loving it. He has embraced it so well and loving 1st grade. He's moving in this direction of transition from little boy to big boy and he is starting to come home with details of his day instead of the Kindergarten answer...I forgot! It's getting hard to adjust to but I'm loving it that is for sure!

He loves this school because he gets to see his buddies Andrew & Ben at lunch and on the playground.

Forever My Baby

Reed is 2...he will be 3 in November. We just started Potty Training this past week and it's been tough. Reed is very hard headed but in this "I'm going to outsmart you" kind of way.

The only way we could get him to even agree to sit on the potty was by bribing him with a box full of candy and toys to reward each potty occurrence. A few days went by and he soon caught on.

One occurrence, he was sitting on the potty and he farted...well "parted" as he would say. As soon as he "parted" he pointed to a hotwheel in the prize bowl and stated he wanted dat one! I reminded him he doesn't get anything for just a "part" he needs to put pee pee or poo in the potty.


Next occurrence he got right back on the potty and starting grunting until his face was red but nothing was happening. I told him that it was ok that nothing happens we can try again next time. He then told me, "No! I Need pee pee to get potty pize!"

Reed is doing a good job but accidents happen you know. I tell him each time that accidents are ok but we need to try harder and not go in our pants. He tells me "I no go pee pee in more!" But he doesn't keep his word!


Today. My mom reported that he has been accident free all day! Telling her each time he has to go. I'm so proud of him. Going to the potty is such a big boy step and although I'm uber excited for him I'm also sad that he's growing up and I no longer have my little baby.

But as I remind both of my boys...they will both be my babies forever and ever!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Conversations with a 6 year old

Me: what do you want to do today Kai
Kai: put on my new Mario pj's and take a nap
Me: sounds good
5 minutes and a phone call from his cousin Caleb later....
Kai: I think I'd like to cancel my nap and go to Calebs.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Memories in Photograph

My mom and dad have such a serene me anyway. My boys can run and play whenever they want just out in the open and now there are gardens growing abundantly with vegetables and chickens laying eggs. It is just a wonderful place to sit back and take in all of God's life blessings.

Mom had a 4th of July cookout and so I took some shots of her place. Check it out!

Mom's chickens are in disguise here

Happy 4th of July

Kai's green Cherry Tomatoes...he's so proud of them

Nanna & Reed

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

168 days to go and another lesson learned

Yes...168 days to go until I turn 30!!!!! This is going to be a long one so bare with me

Since the 4th of July weekend was upon us I took Friday and Tuesday off giving me a five day weekend. They were the best five days I'd had in a long time.

Family time because the hubby took off too swimming and movie: green lantern
Reed tried hitting on a high schooler after the movie while driving a video game car and winking at her!!!!
more precious family time: gardening, shopping and cookout with friends and of course fireworks.
Highlight: I sweat so hard "hoeing" out the garden that mascara ran down my face
More family time of course but also date night! It was amazing
Highlight:my husband gave me a day...a whole weekend...that made me want to run home and write in my diary...if I had a diary!
Cookout at mom and dads with the Wagoners (in laws but I love em) my Gpa and my aunt and her beautiful family. We had a wonderful time being together playing croquet, volleyball, planting pumpkins and gathering our veggies we had grown so far. We ended it with beautiful fireworks.
Highlight: having a family that I'm incredibly grateful for and getting to spend time with them on God's beautiful earth.

We planted pumpkin seeds and attempted to plant REED!

Which brings me to Tuesday. I had promised Kai we would spend the day at the waterpark just me and him...All Day! So we did and we had an absolute blast. I got some mommy time with Kai and me time to lay out. But I realized some things later that night as I laid my burnt ass down to bed.
1. I truly am getting "old" as I no longer tan the way I used to.
            Young, tan & skinny self meet Old Fat and Burnt self...NOT COOL
2. Pools and "WaterParks" should post the following warning everywhere
            ATTENTION if you are a mother who has been hiding from the sun for the past 6 years remember that you are no longer a spring chicken and please apply and RE APPLY sunscreen often!
3. No matter what size you are or how you look in a bathing can still have a great time with your kids if you choose to just let go.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday Drive

Last Sunday after Church Eric surprised me with a little drive to the Switzer Covered Bridge in Frankfort, Ky.  The sun was shining but the temperature was just right, we drove down the curvy road with the windows rolled down and just enjoyed the day.

We did get a little lost but we found our way soon enough...

Eric and I were excited to see the bridge but the boys were asleep they never even saw it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Family Photos

All done by my good friend Cindy Stanley

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh The Things They'll Say

It's Official. Reed no longer has a pacifier...or a PIE as he called it! It's been about 2 weeks and he hasn't said anything about it and is talking a lot more!

For example:

Last night at Kai's Kindergarten graduation Reed was having a big ol' time playing on the row of bleachers in front of us. An older lady sat down right in front of us where Reed had intended on landing next.

He stared a hole right through her...

Reed: Hey...get outa my way!
Old Lady: Oh I'm so sorry, I'm in your way??
Reed: Uh Huh..move outa my way!

Needless to say I was embarrassed that my child is so rude. If only that little old lady could see how my little Reed is at home. So sweet and loving.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I had an amazing mother's day yesterday. I didn't have to run here and there and everywhere to see other was just for me! All day! We did absolutely nothing but watch movies, play outside and just be together. It was so wonderful. I have such a wonderful loving family and I couldn't have asked for a better day.

It started with Kai at 7:30 whispering...

Kai: Daddy, wake up, it's Mother's Day we have to fix mommy breakfast

Eric: Ok, I'll be there in a minute.

I then proceed to get up to use the restroom

Kai: Mommy...don't get up don't get up go back to sleep.

Then later that day Kai, Reed and I were outside while Chadd and Eric were at the grocery and Reed was up in Kai's tree house screaming

Reed: Hap Birfday You. Hap Birfday You!

Me: Thank you Reed but It's not my Birthday, It's Mother's Day.

Reed: Hap Mov Day You. Hap Mov Day You

Me: Thank you baby, I love you.

Reed: I wuv u I wuv u I wuv u

He was screaming this so loud I know everyone in the neighborhood hear it and that made me smile even more!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter 2011

So I skipped right over Easter and forgot to share all my wonderful memories. Easter this year was busy busy. 1st Easter Church Service at Cedar Grove which was so nice. I got to share Easter with one of my best friends...Shannon and my cousin Austin even joined was magical!

Next off to Audrey's house for the Easter get together or maybe I should call it Swampland. The heavy rains had nearly flooded her land and left her yard a watery mess. We all walked around barefoot and by the end of the day we were covered in mud. Audrey had mud splashed all up her butt and back from walking around in flip flops. It was comical. We hunted Eggs, ate and enjoyed the company of ALL THE CHILDREN! There are so many! It was crazy but so wonderful.

Reed and Kai loved the babies. This is Anderson. I couldn't get a good photo of Kai loving on Taylor because Madison kept kissing all over her baby sister and getting in the way.  :)  Reed kept "petting" their heads and hugging their necks nearly choking them to death. But it was all out of love!

Here I am with my precious boys. They are so beautiful aren't they!

Here is my mom with a few of her sisters. I say a few because there is 6 of them. Mom (on the far right) is a twin and the other twin lives in Indiana. Audrey is the one next to mom she is the baby. Debbie next is the mother of my 2 cousins that keep having all the babies! and last but not least my aunt B (Donna) is such a joy, we never get to see her that often, she was able to come and spend the day with us it was such a treat. My Aunt Diana was there but didn't make it to the photo shoot for some reason!  :( 

Here are my boys posing in a water puddle on Audrey's porch. I couldn't stop Reed from jumping in every puddle he could find!

Look at all those babies! Ashlee has 3 and 1 on the way. Amber has 2 and 1 one the way. My cousin Stephanie has a boy that is Kai's age and then a set of twins and then I have just the 2.

Kai got a ton of eggs

Ready Set Go!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Potty Training

Eric stopped and picked up a box of diapers for Reed the other night and as he entered the door with over 100 diapers, he announced that this was the last box of diapers he was going to buy. He looked Reed (our 2 year old) dead in the eyes and told him that he needs to wear big boy underwear from now on. Trust me Eric if staring the kids down while attempting to make telepathy work actually did something then I would be doing that even with YOU!

It's a good theory...potty training a 2 1/2 year old. But Reed is so hard headed that he just isn't ready. He has already wet through all the underwear we had and I think he literally waited to go #2 until we put his diaper on for a nap. He wants to be a big boy when it comes to climbing, drinking from a big boy cup, going outside and riding a skateboard but he wants to be a baby when it comes to using the potty and his PIE (pacifier). Really...he even tells me so.

So, we DID attempt the whole potty training idea of Eric's and I did the usual bribe of M&M's if you even attempt to potty. So while I'm in the bathroom with Reed bribing him, Kai is with his Gram in his room.
Kai: Gram, I wish that Reed and I were twins...ya know Identical Twins
Gram: Why is that Kai?
Kai: So that I could potty train with Reed and I could get M&M's too.

He then walks into the bathroom with me & Reed leaving Gram laughing her butt off in the other room.

Kai: Mommy, if Reed gets M&M's then what am I?  CHOPPED LIVER?
Me: Laughing to hard to do anything other than give him a handful of M&M's.

So needless to say, I have given up on potty training for now. It was too frustrating and even though it was Eric's you think he even attempted to help Reed use the potty even one time? No. That was a great idea wasn't it babe...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Member of The Black Eyed Peas

I admit...I let my children listen to some music that most other parents probably would not. But I can't handle The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round...I got to have some beautiful guitar playing with a hypnotizing voice behind it or music with a beat so you can shake it!

Reed and Kai heard The Black Eyed Peas so much that this is now Reed's favorite song. He knows the words...check it out!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Heart Like a Child

I recently read Heaven Is For Real which is a book about a 4 year old that went to heaven during a critical surgery. The book is about all the things he tells his parents about, family member he never knew on earth were there in Heaven to greet him, even his older sister which was a miscarriage was there and explained how anxious she was to meet her parents one day. It was a truly magical book.

One thing it often repeated was how Jesus had told his disciples that you must have a heart like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That has really hit me lately. After reading that story Kai and I would have little talks here and there about different things of the Bible and I learned so much from Kai during those talks.

He is so open to love and not just to his family, to everyone. He told me that he loves Jesus more than he loves me, Reed and his Daddy. Which made me very emotional and I cried as I was over joyed that my son had that much love in his heart for the Lord. That is all I could ever hope for.

Last month, the boys and I had stopped at the Save A Lot grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. While we were in the check out lane, a man had a seizure right in front of the check out lanes. The ambulance came and he was ok but Kai was so concerned for the rest of the night. We prayed for the man and Kai wondered about him often. We have since seen the man walking around downtown and Kai is so thankful that the man is OK.

Also during that time span Eric and I started talking to Kai about Chad coming to live with us. We explained how Chad was in prison (which Kai obviously knew was a bad thing) but we explained how he made a mistake but has paid his price and is now ready to be released. Kai would ask me about once or twice a week if it was almost time for Chad to get out and he would express to me how badly he hoped that he DOES get out. The day of Chad's hearing Kai gasped and looked at me, "mommy we forgot to pray for Chad last night!" So I took him in the other room and we prayed. Now that Chad is at our home living with us, Kai has asked me if Chad could come with him to his Nanna's house. I explained that he could not, Chad had other things to take care of that day. Kai so badly wants Chad to come with him. My mother who keeps Kai during the day said that Kai kept trying to guess at what Chad and his Daddy were doing all day and he kept expressing how badly we wanted to be with them.

What I am getting at here is that Kai has such a big heart. He loves everyone so much. He has humbled me and made me take a 2nd look at my relationship with Jesus and if I truly believe like a child. When you think about it, the memories you have of childhood are the magical ones where you did believe in something so much so hard that it was true no matter what anyone else thought. Believing like a Child and having a heart like a Child is something we should all strive for in life.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Reed Started at the Age of 2

In Kentucky, it isn't uncommon to hear of a person starting their coffee addiction at the age of 5 or their smoking addiction at the age of 16, but what about someone starting the addiction of dipping at the age of 2. Sounds gross I know.

The family and I were at our 2nd home...Mi Casita one night with Michael & Nathan.  Michael & Nathan's ritual at Mi Casita is to eat, drink then ask for a to go cup to use as their spitune as they "dip" for dessert.  We are all in conversation and Nathan had just spit in his Styrofoam cup and placed it back on the table. 
Reed stands up in his chair leans over the table right in the middle of all of us and spits right in Nathan's DRINK. Not the spitune....the drink.

We all died laughing and now they all assume Reed will be telling the tale of how he started dipping at the age of 2!

over my dead body!  But it was good for laughs.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow Fun

This year here in Kentucky...we have had our fair share of snow. We've missed like 12 days of school now. Un REAL!

I like to look at the snow only around Christmas. Then I want it to go away. When you have a husband that doesn't shovel the sidewalk or porch (ok, he's done it once and I about had a heart attack when I saw it) the kids track all that snow in the house, you have to wear extra clothes, scarves, hats and gloves so they end up on the floor. Because when you live with 3 MALES that is the most logical place to store them right?

Well we ended up having a big snow this past weekend and even though it was FREEZING out I called up The Wagoner's and the Lloyd's (friends of mine) and we went sleigh riding down the embankment of my parents' non existent pond.

Reed all bundled up like the kid from the Christmas Story was quiet but loved it. He went down the hill with Me, Reagan and Avery. Kai and Reed ended up going inside early but I had a blast going down that hill. The kids all took turns having my Dad and Eric sling shot them down the embankment.

That's me, Shannon, Tessa, Reagan, Avery, Caleb and their dog Maddie at the top of the hill. That was the other funny part...the dogs. Tessa had this bright idea for us both to bring our dogs. Well her dog is a pup mine is about 6 months old but he's a down right idiot.  Maddie did great. She of course ran around like crazy but both my dogs, Mowgli & Smooch (both of the male gender) chased her around like the horn dogs they are. We had to call them off of her several times.

We tied Smooch up several times but kept feeling bad for him, so Eric decided to let him go to give him one last chance. What does he do?? He goes right over to the chickens that were attempting to lay eggs and chased them all around pulling out tail feathers left and right.

It was a great day. But now I'm ready for the snow to leave!

Here is Eric pushing me and Reed down the hill

and Here is Eric going down the hill himself...backwards

Kai going headfirst

Kai taking a nap halfway back up the hill

Reagan, Avery & Reed...two mother hens and one terrified babychick
Reed catching a ride back up the hill

Aunt Tessa & Reed

Avery and Reed

I have no clue what Tessa is doing here...she's either trying to hitch a ride down the hill or save my son.