Thursday, December 23, 2010


Christmas this year should be the absolute best yet. Kai is 6 and is all about Santa Clause. He's turned me back into a believer. Reed is 2 and understands the whole Santa concept...and our Elf on the Shelf..Reindeer. He looks for him every morning!

Eric and I took the boys to the Kentucky Horse Park to see the Southern Lights and of course to visit Santa. Kai has been counting the days until Christmas and has had his letter ready to hand deliver to Santa. We drove through the Horse Park and saw all the lights. Reed called most of the lights Iron Man (of course) and they were both just truly amazed at how beautiful the lights were. Then we went in to see Santa and got side tracked by the trains for a bit. But Kai anxiously awaited his turn with his letter to Santa clenched tightly in his little hand. As we wait for our turn and try to peek at Santa through the crowd of people I'm busy fixing their hair for their photo shoot and Reed is worried about his pie (paci). We finally get up there and it was truly like magic. Reed & Kai sat on Santa's lap together and Santa turned to each of them and asked what they wanted for Christmas. Reed squeezed Santa so tightly and simply answered "IRON MAN: and Kai recited every item on his list and then unfolded his letter and Santa read every word of it. They smiled for the photo and we let the next kid have their turn.

After we got done, Kai was so excited. He kept saying how much fun it was and the next day he told his Pops and Nana all about it and said, "It was the Real Santa Pops, not just a guy in a suit, it was the real one!".

So here is to your Christmas. I hope it is filled with Magic and Wonderment! MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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  1. Sooo sweet!! It brings a smile to your face that kids believe whole heartedly that some fat man at the North Pole's only ambition in life is to bring them exactly what they asked for. He only gets out of his house one night a year and he makes tiny little people labor at slave wages (hot cocoa and sleeping quarters) to make him look good. He is obviously impotent because we have never been made aware of any children that he has spawned to take over the family business. (Poor Mrs. Claus. Let's hope she doesn't take a liking to one of the elves. That would ruin the production schedule!!) My kids are complete believers in the Jolly Ol' guy, but they don't believe me when I tell them that the light in the fridge goes out when you shut the door. Boggles the mind, doesn't it?