Monday, November 15, 2010

Things I want to Remember....2

It's officially Reed is 2 years old! are the things I want to remember about my baby.

Reed is my 2nd child and he is nothing like Kai is or was for that matter. He is crazy and wild yet loving and comical.

Reed gets in trouble a lot for a toddler. Spanking him never really had much effect since of course I'm not going to spank him very hard. So I started putting him in time out in the corner. 9 times out of 10 he gets time out for hitting his brother out of anger, Yes my 2 year old beats up on the 6 year old. The minute I tell him to go to time out and put his face to the wall, he sinks his little head, pouts his sweet pink lips and his gorgeous blue eyes just swell up to the size of golf balls as he pleads his innocence. The first time he did it, I had to go in the other room so he wouldn't hear me giggle. It was the cutest thing. He's even been in time out in the middle of Target in the Towel aisle, head sunk, lips pouting facing the towels.

He has never been one to play with toys of his age (until Thomas), when he started crawling and could get his brother's super heroes or cars, he never touched a baby toy again. He is obsess with Cars, hooking trailers up to trucks Hook Hook he screams until you help him hook trucks and trailers that aren't even supposed to hook up. He also loves Thomas the Train and now Iron Man. He is convinced that he IS Iron Man and that when he shoots his hands out at have to fall over in pain if you don't...he pounds his little chubby hand to his chest and screams IRON MAN.

Look at those chubby legs and arms! He does LOVE to eat. He crams his mouth full of food which he is capable of doing by storing it in his fat cheeks. I love my babies chubby though, they are easier to squeeze and not break!

He is a Momma's boy! Every night I sit in our chair in the living room and I hold him under his little blanket until he goes to sleep. I realize that most people don't agree with how and where my kids sleep but holding my sweet boys so close to my heart nuzzling my nose in their hair and kissing their sweet cheeks. When Reed wakes up in the middle of the night he yells Momma and I run to get him and tuck him in my bed right next to me. Often if I wake up and he's still sleeping soundly in his bed, I'll snatch him up anyway and tuck him in where he belongs...right next to me. I know he won't do this I've got to do it now. Don't judge me for loving my kids SO much!

Reed Loves his big brother so much. He isn't as touchy feely as Kai is so most of the time Reed rejects his brother's hugs and kisses, however when He is in the mood and squeezes Kai's neck, it melts my heart to see how much love they share. Reed wants to do everything that Kai does and loves it when Kai picks him up and swings him around and they fall down to the floor. He cracks up at Kai all the time too! and Kai loves to make Reed laugh.

Reed loves his Nanna & Pops too! He loves to help pops drive the truck around the 5 acres and feed the chickens. There isn't anything that they wouldn't do for Reed and Reed knows it!

Reed loves his dogs. He has Smooch at our house and Mowgli at Nanna & Pop's house. Mowgli is a big dog, so Reed can waller all over him and squeeze him all he wants and Mowgli could hardly care. Smooch on the other hand is a bit smaller so he can't take a 35 pound kid sitting on him and I can't quite get Reed to comprehend that! This is one of the few moments that they are peaceful with one another!

Reed and his daddy are a lot alike. They both have the same temper and funny personality. Reed loves to fight like Iron Man with his Daddy in the floor. Once, he begged Eric to fight...again...Eric reluctantly refused as he was still tired from the first round, Reed put his sweet chubby hands on Eric's cheeks and made those big blue eyes swell up to golf balls and said..."Pwewy Pwease!". It works every time! Sometimes he even folds those chubby hands right under his chin, gives the little head tilt and says Pwewy Pwease! How do you refuse that!

Reed Loves his Paci...excuse me Pie so much. I mean just look at all the pictures with it in his mouth! We just started only giving it to him at night night time or in the car. Just recently he was ready for bed and we couldn't find PIE anywhere. Finally I gave up and said that Nanna must have both of the only two PIE's that we have. He made me call Nanna so that he could ask for it. Sure enough she drove it right over to him. and he was happy.

He's pretty smart too. After he has served his punishment for doing something bad, he immediately runs to you for a hug and Kiss to make everything right again in the world. He also hugs & kisses you whenever he wants something. He can be so bad or mean one second but then turn around and be an angel the next. He always tells everyone bye and hugs & Kisses everybody. Reed's great grandmother turned 83 this year and we had dinner with her at my mom's house. We went to leave and I sat Reed in her lap so that he could hug and kiss her and I swear grandmommie disappeared behind him. She's so thin and tiny and Reed is so huge you could hardly see her behind him and it looked like he was going to crush her when he hugged her. Grandmommie isn't the touchy feely type but when Reed kissed her cheek, her face glowed. He also gave his great grandfather a kiss and took him by surprise as well. There is nothing like the love of a child.

I thank God every night for my two beautiful children and I thank him so much for showing me the love of children. They love so much and unconditionally that it changes you. It makes you see everything in a new light. 


  1. Awesome! I would write more, but I can't see through the tears.....

  2. So sweet :) Happy Birthday Reed!!!