Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 year Old VS 6 year Old

Kai and Reed spend most of every night chasing each other throughout the house. They both think it is hysterical.  Kai has this contagious laugh so the more he laughs the more Reed laughs the more I laugh which makes Kai get the picture.

So last night they were running around and I finally had enough and asked them to chill out on the coach. I was clipping coupons on the other couch so they decided since I wasn't paying attention and they weren't allowed to run around anymore that they would start picking on each other in other ways. Reed finally reached for Kai's nose and squeezed it HARD but Kai thought it was funny so Reed kept squeezing. I finally again had had enough so Reed stopped. Kai looked at me and wiggled his nose as if it was itching and suddenly blood just poured out of his nose.

Kai cups his hands under nose, sees the blood and starts freaking out with this look of horror on his face. "I'm bleeding!!! I'm bleeding!!!" We clean him up and get him on the couch with his head back.

His crisp white Karate costume he was wearing had blood on it so of course he freaked about that. I get that cleaned up and like new so I go find Reed to check on him. He was busy playing with his new train table, he turns to look at me and he's got Kai's blood in his hair on his face on on his PJ's.

All that from a 2 year old!!!!

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