Thursday, September 16, 2010


So Reed is attempting to talk more. He is now putting words together and speaking more clearly. Last night he repeated me saying "Too Many Clothes" but it sounded like " Too maye cwose " but it was 3 whole words said all the same time! I couldn't believe it...he is getting so big.

Last night, he also said (while eating a blue curious George gummy) " Blue George" so not only is he talking but he knows his colors. He's the bomb!

Ok, Kai....Kai this morning while I was flossing, he very groggily stood at the toilet to pee (in underwear only...rock & roll underwear mind you) and let out a very odd sounding fart. He gave a little sleepy chuckle out loud:

Me: You think that was funny?
Kai: Yeah, that fart said **made fart noise** like it was sad.

This picture was him last night imitating a cute character on a poster inside Wingerz

This is Reed being his normal cute but mischevious self at Evans yesterday.

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