Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I want to Remember...6

Blogging to me is like journaling or scrapbooking. It provides me an easier way of remembering things or recording them.  So this blog post is about some of the wonderful things I want to hold onto forever about my Kai! Tomorrow is his 6th Birthday

Kai is so kind hearted and he loves his little brother dearly.
This year he finally learned to swim and he loves it. and this has gotten rid of his fear of water in his eyes in the bathtub.
He also finally mastered riding his bike (still with training wheels) and his Dirt Bike (also has training wheels)
He is not scared of anything including opossums or chickens
He started Kindergarten this year at PUBLIC SCHOOL and he proves to me everyday how big and mature he really is. I'm so proud of him.
He has a temper like me, hence why we have squabbles, but he also loves like I do..with all his heart and so deep, so our apologies are blissful.
He loves to try new foods. He will never turn down a little taste, and is often shocked at how yummy it is. I'm proud of how good of an eater he is. He loves Fruits and Veggies, especially those that come from his and Nanna's garden. This picture is of him eating oysters on vacation. He love it. He also loves Lobster & Crab. Red Lobster is his favorite place to eat.

He loves to be outside and he loves nature. He can tell me so many things about some of God's most wonderful creations. Just the other day he explained to me how clouds were made out of water from the air and he said "I wasn't taught that, mommy I just knew it".
He is quite the gymnist too. (let me rephrase that...monkey) He has handle bar swings in his room from IKEA and he does so many *scary* tricks on them but he's good at it and loves to show everyone just how good he is.
This year turning 6 is a big deal to me because he has started doing so many big boy things he is no longer my little baby! He gives you the sarcastic attitude when he's trying to be funny, he's into video games and not Leapster games, teenage games without the graphic violence of course!
He loves his Nanna & Pops SO MUCH. They've taught him so many things that I never could have and I'm so thankful that he gets to spend so much time with them.

Since the day he was born I've been wrapped around his little finger.

He is no longer my little baby. Time goes by so fast and I cherish every moment we've had together and anticipate the coming years.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


So Reed is attempting to talk more. He is now putting words together and speaking more clearly. Last night he repeated me saying "Too Many Clothes" but it sounded like " Too maye cwose " but it was 3 whole words said all the same time! I couldn't believe it...he is getting so big.

Last night, he also said (while eating a blue curious George gummy) " Blue George" so not only is he talking but he knows his colors. He's the bomb!

Ok, Kai....Kai this morning while I was flossing, he very groggily stood at the toilet to pee (in underwear only...rock & roll underwear mind you) and let out a very odd sounding fart. He gave a little sleepy chuckle out loud:

Me: You think that was funny?
Kai: Yeah, that fart said **made fart noise** like it was sad.

This picture was him last night imitating a cute character on a poster inside Wingerz

This is Reed being his normal cute but mischevious self at Evans yesterday.