Monday, July 5, 2010

What a Weekend!

4th of July Weekend. Oh what fun. Mine was fun don't get me wrong but it was also...awful.

Saturday tradition...we go to Cracker Barrel for the aunts' birthdays. It was Audrey's Birthday.  We sit down I get biscuits and bananas and chocolate milk all ready for Reed. He is at the age where eating out is so much work because he wants to fight to get down, throw food and toys and most of all scream. I can avoid all this by keeping him fed, milk in his sippy cup and a plethora of cars within reach.

So, he finally decides to quit eating but of course it wasn't enough to satisfy what I thought he should have eaten. He then gets very fussy. Well, it is past his morning nap time so I surrender and agree to hold him. He's laying his head on me and whining. My food finally arrives and then Reed gets very very fussy. So I get up to walk around with him to calm him down. As soon as I round our table to walk down the very busy aisle, he pukes everywhere. Especially on me. Chocolate milk and bananas everywhere! It was so yucky! It was even in between my toes. I clean Reed and myself up the best that I could and waited and waited and waited for someone to come clean up the floor. Can you believe that the vomit sat there for probably a good 20 minutes before my aunt Audrey (the birthday girl) had to go complain to the manager to get someone to clean it up. I mean did they honestly think that I was going to offer to clean it up when I have my baby crying and puking all over me! Come on People! So Reed and I got cleaned up the best we could and we high tailed it out of there. The waitress stops us at the door offers us Sprite...uh no more liquids thank you very much...and tries to make small talk with us. LET US LEAVE LADY....come to find out she was worried about my bill. Mom informed her that she would take care of it.

So we get home and Reed was totally fine. It must have been the 2 cups of chocolate milk he chugged. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.

Sunday we go to Eric's annual Family Reunion. It was so much fun. Reed has a blast the only bad thing to go wrong there was a tick in Reed's hair and Reed couldn't get the horses to come to him because he was too busy yelling at them.

Then Sunday night comes. We walk around the corner to our friends' house to watch big fireworks. We start the night out with the pop em's. I told Reed NO that he couldn't do them. Eric convinced me that it wouldn't hurt. He was right, it was fine. Then the Sparklers came out. So of course Reed had to do everything Kai was doing. So Reed got one too. First one went great. He love it. We explained over and over it's hot don't touch the fire part. Otay he says. Then the 2nd one was lit and of course I had to get a picture. About that time Reed grabs the part of the sparkler that is on fire. After about another hour of holding an ice pack and wailing, we get home and I put some ointment on it and it appears he has 2nd degree burn on his hand.

SO I win the worst mom of the year award for letting my 19 month old hold a sparkler What in the hell was I thinking??? So from now on, I'm going to remember that he doesn't have to try EVERYTHING that brother does.


Please don't report me~!

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  1. In your defense, my 19 month old played with sparklers this year, too. Hope your week is peaceful to make up for your stressful weekend.