Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Saddest Movie

So I went on a date last night to see a movie. My date was the most kind hearted guy that I know and he is so polite.

The movie was very funny, exciting, dramatic and then very sad. I cried all through the end of the movie and then lost it again in the car and cried some more. And the more that I thought about it throughout the night I kept crying.  I even made my date cry.

Don't laugh but the movie was Toy Story 3 and my date was my 5 year old, Kai.

When the Toys made it back to Andy's house and Woody watched Andy and his mom embrace before Andy headed off to College and the mom stated that even though Andy won't be there in his room, he will always be in her heart. So you've seen 1 & 2 and watch Andy grow up now he's leaving for College! But before he goes. He opens a box of his toys that Woody left a note on to donate to a certain address. It's the address of a little girl with the same imagination that Andy had when he was her age. So he takes each toy out one by one and describes them to her telling her their names and their roles in his imagination.

To see a boy grow up but still be a kid at heart made me realize that even though I'm terrified of Kai & Reed growing older,  I know that they will always be my little boys.

Once I explained this to Kai after his questioning as to why I was crying. He started to cry because he thinks that when he grows up he will never see me again! I informed him that if he chooses, he could see me everyday! (boy let's hope that sticks with him LOL)


  1. See, Duwayne thinks that even though he's grown up, he can't move out of my house - ever! (At least I pretend that what he thinks!) He still doesn't get the part about always being my baby boy, though. LOL!!

  2. Brynn swears she is going to buy the house next door to me. While I think this attitude rocks, I really hope she doesn't buy that house, because it really needs work. And I have a feeling I'll be doing the work. Or Papaw.