Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Kind Hearted 5 year old

So Cindy recently posted on her blog about her 5 year old witnessing to a stranger. Kids are so sweet, so I thought I'd share some recent great things about my 5 year old...Kai.

Kai is the best big brother in the world to his 15 month old little brother Reed. He watches out for him and plays with him and loves on him all the time. Reed must have taken after Eric because he just pushes Kai away every time Kai tries to love on him. (that is so Eric!)

We were recently at a book store and Kai & Reed sat down at the child size table to read some books. There was a grown woman sitting at the table also and she soon noticed how Kai was being the protective brother and commented on how sweet he was. So Kai ate this up and proceeded to give his brother a hug and a kiss when Reed pushed him so hard Kai nearly fell out of his seat. Kai just sweetly says, It's okay Reed, bubba's ok! (how precious)

Kai has also taken to the political world. My sister in law Tessa is running for our local Scott County Clerk (like none of you knew that) and Kai decided that he wanted to help me with the door hangers in our neighborhood. He goes up to each house and hangs the door hanger and even asked several people to vote for his aunt Tessa. So after doing this for some time now he asks me what it means to Vote. I explained to him that several people want to be the County Clerk and so we need people to Vote for Tessa so that she gets the job. If she gets the job then she will make more money which is good for Avery & Caleb. He then became even more excited. We came to a house with a gated fence and became very mad. He said Mommy, I'm mad at those people because they have a gate. They need to give Aunt Tessa some money but they won't let us in! My son has a future in politics!

Kai also can get Reed to say anything. We can all try until we are blue in the face but Kai asks him to say it and he does. So last night Kai said, "Reed do you want a pillow in the eyeball" and Reed says...eyeball! It was so cute...a pillow in the eyeball whose ever heard of such! Only Kai.

I marvel at Kai's willingness to try new things without hesitation, his friendliness and his kind heart. He has such a soft heart and it is so easily broken. He gets that from me! But I love it and I love him so dearly.


  1. Ian and Kai are very similar....protective big brothers with tender hearts :)

  2. He's awesome!! And he has the best laugh ever!! Do you think that after the election, no matter which way it goes, he could keep going door-to-door asking for money for his Aunt T? Avery and Caleb would really appreciate it!!! LOL