Friday, May 28, 2010

For The Love Of....CHICKENS

My mom and dad are suckers for their grandchildren. They are also are little 5 acre farmers. So you put the two together and eventually you get baby chicks!

They attempted the baby chicks with Kai when he was 4. Kai loved to pull the chick around in his wagon or give it a ride in his truck.

That chick was eaten by a Coyote! 

Now that Reed is 18 Months old and very curious about animals, they decided to try it again, except this time they bought SEVERAL baby chicks. Kai obviously took right to them knowing immediately how to care for them. Reed would just pluck one right up by the neck with his chubby little hands and squeeze and squeeze.  Don't worry they survived.

Well, it is truly amazing how fast those chicks turn into Roosters & Chickens. Now they are huge! Reed still plucks them right up, but now with a little more care. He loves them!

They started out with 3 Chickens and then the rest were Roosters. One Chick in particular Kai named Speckles.  Well, Speckles along with one other Chick and a rooster were eaten by a weasel the other night. Mom dreaded telling Kai but she chose to do so at Dairy Queen while we were eating lunch one day. He was very sad he even told the clerk at Dairy Queen all about it and she politely sympathized with a story about how her little girls' bunny rabbit was eaten by a cat. He just couldn't understand why a cat or a weasel would do this to a bunny rabbit or a chicken. He told me that once you name a pet that name goes in your heart and you never forget them!  HOW SWEET!
He set out for revenge shortly, seeking out the live trap that we caught the opossums in.

I never knew that a chick could bring so much love into some one's life. But we are talking about Kai here...he is no doubt the most kindest hearted kid I know....I'd like to think he got that from me! 

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