Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Did you know that I am actually a Mexican! It's true don't laugh.....Let me let you in on it...

A long long time ago Eric and I had a friend...who will remain nameless (not that she would ever read MY blog, but to keep her reputation safe) One day (back when I was actually skinny) she asked how I got so tan. (It's true, I do tan well when I try.)

Eric butted in and simply informed her that I was a Mexican.."Didn't you know that, her mom's real name is Arantxa Sanchez Vicario but we just call her Alene for short". He proceeded to tell her this long drawn out story of how my parents met and how I'm half Mexican. Elizabeth..err I mean nameless person totally believed him. is a picture of my mom and myself...what do you think? Yes, I know my nose looks huge in this picture...get over it.

So everyone else began cracking jokes at my expense about my "Heritage". It is really non stop when I am with my in laws. They find every opportunity to make a joke about me being Mexican and normally it makes me mad! So they do it even more...You know who I'm talking about...TESSA, ERIC & MIKE!!!!!

So earlier this week my husband informs me that on Wednesday we will be having dinner at the in laws. No big deal we do that kinda think on the spurr of the moment all the time, it's cool. So Wednesday rolls around and all day long I realize it is Cinco de Mayo and then Shannon's daughter comes in with a homemade Cindo de Mayo hat and then it hits me!  I MUST WEAR A SOMBRERO TO DINNER TONIGHT. How brilliant is this. They are constantly cracking jokes on me and imagine the jokes I'm going to get on Cinco De Mayo I've got to head them off and make the first joke. So I frantically call my dad on the way to get the kids..."Get your Sombrero out I need to borrow it" He doesn't have one. I'll call Cathy, Cathy lost hers...I'm totally bumming then Dad remembers that he has one of those poncho thingies that he got in Mexico in the '70's. You know the whole carpet wool thing you wear around your neck and it covers your front & back.

So I'm back in the game. I head off to the in laws and throw the poncho on, show up at the door announcing HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO. They all started laughing and then immediately asked Eric if he told. "told what I ask" I turn the corner to the dinning room and they have decorated the whole dinning room with Mexican themed decor.  Avery & Caleb were put up to making Mexican Flags, artwork and flowers. We had tacos for dinner and then Tessa broke out the Ricky Martin for some dancing later.

It was so much fun and never before have I enjoyed being Mexican so much. SO thanks Tessa and Everyone else for remembering me on my special day!...By the way for those of you that don't know... Arantxa Sanchez Vicario is a famous Tennis Player.



  1. I told Jerry I was part gypsy - ssshhhh....he still believes my fortune telling skills/crytal ball reading is why I always find out the things he never wants me too! ;->