Friday, May 28, 2010

For The Love Of....CHICKENS

My mom and dad are suckers for their grandchildren. They are also are little 5 acre farmers. So you put the two together and eventually you get baby chicks!

They attempted the baby chicks with Kai when he was 4. Kai loved to pull the chick around in his wagon or give it a ride in his truck.

That chick was eaten by a Coyote! 

Now that Reed is 18 Months old and very curious about animals, they decided to try it again, except this time they bought SEVERAL baby chicks. Kai obviously took right to them knowing immediately how to care for them. Reed would just pluck one right up by the neck with his chubby little hands and squeeze and squeeze.  Don't worry they survived.

Well, it is truly amazing how fast those chicks turn into Roosters & Chickens. Now they are huge! Reed still plucks them right up, but now with a little more care. He loves them!

They started out with 3 Chickens and then the rest were Roosters. One Chick in particular Kai named Speckles.  Well, Speckles along with one other Chick and a rooster were eaten by a weasel the other night. Mom dreaded telling Kai but she chose to do so at Dairy Queen while we were eating lunch one day. He was very sad he even told the clerk at Dairy Queen all about it and she politely sympathized with a story about how her little girls' bunny rabbit was eaten by a cat. He just couldn't understand why a cat or a weasel would do this to a bunny rabbit or a chicken. He told me that once you name a pet that name goes in your heart and you never forget them!  HOW SWEET!
He set out for revenge shortly, seeking out the live trap that we caught the opossums in.

I never knew that a chick could bring so much love into some one's life. But we are talking about Kai here...he is no doubt the most kindest hearted kid I know....I'd like to think he got that from me! 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


This past weekend was a good one for me. I took my mom and the boys to Midway and we had a lot of fun just being together. I love my mom, she is such a great friend. My boys also are such great friends...they know how to have the most fun!

Here are some pics...
Darlin Jean;s So yummy you must try the Monte Cristo                
Kai climbing on a caboose                               Kai & Reed walking down the railroad tracks

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tribute to a Lost Friend

So recently there have been posts about a great friend that was lost recently in a tragic accident. I didn't know Diesel but I know some of his friends and it makes me wish I did know him.

All of this has made me think about Matt.  Matt died 6 years ago in a tragic four wheeler accident. He was planning to get married soon and had a 3 month old baby girl at home.

Matt was engaged to my friend Jennifer Marcum.  He was the only person in the world that could have been with Jennifer for as long as they lived. He loved her so much and saw her for the wonderful person that she is. Eric and I became close friends with Matt & Jennifer soon after they began dating.  Eric's best friend (Jennifer's brother) had moved away so Matt & Eric became 2 peas in a pod. They loved to go four wheeling, play guitar & drums together and of course get drunk together! They were really good at that! Matt soon became like a brother to me. He was so fun to be around and so easy to be yourself with.

You could be in the worst mood ever and just hang out with Matt for a few minutes and your worries were soon all gone. He loved to play the drums and was really good at it. He loved Dave Matthews Band and you could tell that their music moved him.

When Jennifer was pregnant and about to give birth, she asked me to be in the delivery room with her and Matt. I was so honored to be asked and a little scared! I hadn't had any of my own children at that time. So the day that her daughter was born (July 17) was the one of the most magical things I've seen. Well...after hearing Jennifer scream and cuss at the nurses..she was so funny, if you knew Jenn you would be laughing. Matt raced over to Ashtyn and started singing to her and just talking away to her with such love and compassion, it took my breath away. I was so glad that I was there to see that.

Because 3 months later his life was taken. Eric and Matt and a group of guys went four wheeling and Matt's four wheeler went over a cliff and he died. Eric actually found him and I will never forget the call that I received from Eric. Then I had to deliver the news to Jennifer. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do and I will never forget it. My heart broke for her I just wanted to hold her and never let go. Then when Matt's mom showed up at the house and we had to tell her you could hear her scream for miles and miles. Again, something else I will never forget.

The days after that were a blur..I remember them but at the time they just blew by. He meant so much to us and his family. It is amazing the things you remember and how much a life gone can effect you.

Of course for Eric it was more surreal since he was with him and found him.  Here we are 6 years later and I feel like the worst friend ever. I barely see Jennifer and Ashtyn and I haven't visited Matt's grave in a long time. I despise the fact that life has gotten so busy that it has robbed me of time with them.

We love you and miss you Matt!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Did you know that I am actually a Mexican! It's true don't laugh.....Let me let you in on it...

A long long time ago Eric and I had a friend...who will remain nameless (not that she would ever read MY blog, but to keep her reputation safe) One day (back when I was actually skinny) she asked how I got so tan. (It's true, I do tan well when I try.)

Eric butted in and simply informed her that I was a Mexican.."Didn't you know that, her mom's real name is Arantxa Sanchez Vicario but we just call her Alene for short". He proceeded to tell her this long drawn out story of how my parents met and how I'm half Mexican. Elizabeth..err I mean nameless person totally believed him. is a picture of my mom and myself...what do you think? Yes, I know my nose looks huge in this picture...get over it.

So everyone else began cracking jokes at my expense about my "Heritage". It is really non stop when I am with my in laws. They find every opportunity to make a joke about me being Mexican and normally it makes me mad! So they do it even more...You know who I'm talking about...TESSA, ERIC & MIKE!!!!!

So earlier this week my husband informs me that on Wednesday we will be having dinner at the in laws. No big deal we do that kinda think on the spurr of the moment all the time, it's cool. So Wednesday rolls around and all day long I realize it is Cinco de Mayo and then Shannon's daughter comes in with a homemade Cindo de Mayo hat and then it hits me!  I MUST WEAR A SOMBRERO TO DINNER TONIGHT. How brilliant is this. They are constantly cracking jokes on me and imagine the jokes I'm going to get on Cinco De Mayo I've got to head them off and make the first joke. So I frantically call my dad on the way to get the kids..."Get your Sombrero out I need to borrow it" He doesn't have one. I'll call Cathy, Cathy lost hers...I'm totally bumming then Dad remembers that he has one of those poncho thingies that he got in Mexico in the '70's. You know the whole carpet wool thing you wear around your neck and it covers your front & back.

So I'm back in the game. I head off to the in laws and throw the poncho on, show up at the door announcing HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO. They all started laughing and then immediately asked Eric if he told. "told what I ask" I turn the corner to the dinning room and they have decorated the whole dinning room with Mexican themed decor.  Avery & Caleb were put up to making Mexican Flags, artwork and flowers. We had tacos for dinner and then Tessa broke out the Ricky Martin for some dancing later.

It was so much fun and never before have I enjoyed being Mexican so much. SO thanks Tessa and Everyone else for remembering me on my special day!...By the way for those of you that don't know... Arantxa Sanchez Vicario is a famous Tennis Player.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Kind Hearted 5 year old

So Cindy recently posted on her blog about her 5 year old witnessing to a stranger. Kids are so sweet, so I thought I'd share some recent great things about my 5 year old...Kai.

Kai is the best big brother in the world to his 15 month old little brother Reed. He watches out for him and plays with him and loves on him all the time. Reed must have taken after Eric because he just pushes Kai away every time Kai tries to love on him. (that is so Eric!)

We were recently at a book store and Kai & Reed sat down at the child size table to read some books. There was a grown woman sitting at the table also and she soon noticed how Kai was being the protective brother and commented on how sweet he was. So Kai ate this up and proceeded to give his brother a hug and a kiss when Reed pushed him so hard Kai nearly fell out of his seat. Kai just sweetly says, It's okay Reed, bubba's ok! (how precious)

Kai has also taken to the political world. My sister in law Tessa is running for our local Scott County Clerk (like none of you knew that) and Kai decided that he wanted to help me with the door hangers in our neighborhood. He goes up to each house and hangs the door hanger and even asked several people to vote for his aunt Tessa. So after doing this for some time now he asks me what it means to Vote. I explained to him that several people want to be the County Clerk and so we need people to Vote for Tessa so that she gets the job. If she gets the job then she will make more money which is good for Avery & Caleb. He then became even more excited. We came to a house with a gated fence and became very mad. He said Mommy, I'm mad at those people because they have a gate. They need to give Aunt Tessa some money but they won't let us in! My son has a future in politics!

Kai also can get Reed to say anything. We can all try until we are blue in the face but Kai asks him to say it and he does. So last night Kai said, "Reed do you want a pillow in the eyeball" and Reed says...eyeball! It was so cute...a pillow in the eyeball whose ever heard of such! Only Kai.

I marvel at Kai's willingness to try new things without hesitation, his friendliness and his kind heart. He has such a soft heart and it is so easily broken. He gets that from me! But I love it and I love him so dearly.