Friday, April 23, 2010

Bobble Heads

So to those of you that don't know...I have 2 little boys. Kai is my 5 year old and Reed is my 15 month old. (I know I only have 3 followers that are all related to me...but you never know who may be reading!)

So when Kai was brought into this world, he may have started out an average size but shortly became a chubby well fed baby. He was always in the 90th percentile for his weight and maybe if we were lucky 50th percentile for height. But his head circumference was always about 98th percintile. He was proportionate so we never thought anything of it. He was such a cutie...that is him on my home page with the mud all over his face when he was 2.

Next came Reed. He was heaver than Kai when he was born and then also became a well fed baby. But they are so much cuter when they are fat...don't you think? Anyway, once he was old enough to sit up in a shopping cart, we took a trip to IKEA. I love IKEA...that's another blog though. So I was browsing the fabric and Kai was standing beside the cart guarding his little brother when a nice woman with a cart full of kids herself started asking me about Reed. Once she made it to the how old question...she was amazed that he was so young becuase he is SO BIG she said. Yes I know I replied he's a big boy. She preceds with the comment, "His head is so big and your older son's head is so big too, that must have hurt!"

Yeah, can you believe someone would say that! I'm not one to take things to personally but that ticked me off! Of course I didn't retaliate with how abnormally skinny her babies were and that mine were MUCH cuter than hers. We just walked on.

At Reed's last check up Dr. Hambrick mentioned Reed's large noggin but added how adorable he is. After every check up I call Eric and give him the latest percintiles and after telling him that Reed is 40th percentile in height 90th percentile in weight and almost 100th percentile in head size...he precedes with asking me, "so you are telling me that he is short, fat and has a big ass head?"

Well yeah, I guess that pretty much sums it up.

Get over it, Adrien!

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, mine are pinheads. Brynna is usually about 90th for height, 75th for weight and 40th for head. Maren is more like 110th for height, 95th for weight and 40th for head. You wouldn't think it to look at them, though, their heads seem fine to me. Of course, a scheduled c means I never really cared too much about head size.