Thursday, December 23, 2010


Christmas this year should be the absolute best yet. Kai is 6 and is all about Santa Clause. He's turned me back into a believer. Reed is 2 and understands the whole Santa concept...and our Elf on the Shelf..Reindeer. He looks for him every morning!

Eric and I took the boys to the Kentucky Horse Park to see the Southern Lights and of course to visit Santa. Kai has been counting the days until Christmas and has had his letter ready to hand deliver to Santa. We drove through the Horse Park and saw all the lights. Reed called most of the lights Iron Man (of course) and they were both just truly amazed at how beautiful the lights were. Then we went in to see Santa and got side tracked by the trains for a bit. But Kai anxiously awaited his turn with his letter to Santa clenched tightly in his little hand. As we wait for our turn and try to peek at Santa through the crowd of people I'm busy fixing their hair for their photo shoot and Reed is worried about his pie (paci). We finally get up there and it was truly like magic. Reed & Kai sat on Santa's lap together and Santa turned to each of them and asked what they wanted for Christmas. Reed squeezed Santa so tightly and simply answered "IRON MAN: and Kai recited every item on his list and then unfolded his letter and Santa read every word of it. They smiled for the photo and we let the next kid have their turn.

After we got done, Kai was so excited. He kept saying how much fun it was and the next day he told his Pops and Nana all about it and said, "It was the Real Santa Pops, not just a guy in a suit, it was the real one!".

So here is to your Christmas. I hope it is filled with Magic and Wonderment! MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 year Old VS 6 year Old

Kai and Reed spend most of every night chasing each other throughout the house. They both think it is hysterical.  Kai has this contagious laugh so the more he laughs the more Reed laughs the more I laugh which makes Kai get the picture.

So last night they were running around and I finally had enough and asked them to chill out on the coach. I was clipping coupons on the other couch so they decided since I wasn't paying attention and they weren't allowed to run around anymore that they would start picking on each other in other ways. Reed finally reached for Kai's nose and squeezed it HARD but Kai thought it was funny so Reed kept squeezing. I finally again had had enough so Reed stopped. Kai looked at me and wiggled his nose as if it was itching and suddenly blood just poured out of his nose.

Kai cups his hands under nose, sees the blood and starts freaking out with this look of horror on his face. "I'm bleeding!!! I'm bleeding!!!" We clean him up and get him on the couch with his head back.

His crisp white Karate costume he was wearing had blood on it so of course he freaked about that. I get that cleaned up and like new so I go find Reed to check on him. He was busy playing with his new train table, he turns to look at me and he's got Kai's blood in his hair on his face on on his PJ's.

All that from a 2 year old!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Things I want to Remember....2

It's officially Reed is 2 years old! are the things I want to remember about my baby.

Reed is my 2nd child and he is nothing like Kai is or was for that matter. He is crazy and wild yet loving and comical.

Reed gets in trouble a lot for a toddler. Spanking him never really had much effect since of course I'm not going to spank him very hard. So I started putting him in time out in the corner. 9 times out of 10 he gets time out for hitting his brother out of anger, Yes my 2 year old beats up on the 6 year old. The minute I tell him to go to time out and put his face to the wall, he sinks his little head, pouts his sweet pink lips and his gorgeous blue eyes just swell up to the size of golf balls as he pleads his innocence. The first time he did it, I had to go in the other room so he wouldn't hear me giggle. It was the cutest thing. He's even been in time out in the middle of Target in the Towel aisle, head sunk, lips pouting facing the towels.

He has never been one to play with toys of his age (until Thomas), when he started crawling and could get his brother's super heroes or cars, he never touched a baby toy again. He is obsess with Cars, hooking trailers up to trucks Hook Hook he screams until you help him hook trucks and trailers that aren't even supposed to hook up. He also loves Thomas the Train and now Iron Man. He is convinced that he IS Iron Man and that when he shoots his hands out at have to fall over in pain if you don't...he pounds his little chubby hand to his chest and screams IRON MAN.

Look at those chubby legs and arms! He does LOVE to eat. He crams his mouth full of food which he is capable of doing by storing it in his fat cheeks. I love my babies chubby though, they are easier to squeeze and not break!

He is a Momma's boy! Every night I sit in our chair in the living room and I hold him under his little blanket until he goes to sleep. I realize that most people don't agree with how and where my kids sleep but holding my sweet boys so close to my heart nuzzling my nose in their hair and kissing their sweet cheeks. When Reed wakes up in the middle of the night he yells Momma and I run to get him and tuck him in my bed right next to me. Often if I wake up and he's still sleeping soundly in his bed, I'll snatch him up anyway and tuck him in where he belongs...right next to me. I know he won't do this I've got to do it now. Don't judge me for loving my kids SO much!

Reed Loves his big brother so much. He isn't as touchy feely as Kai is so most of the time Reed rejects his brother's hugs and kisses, however when He is in the mood and squeezes Kai's neck, it melts my heart to see how much love they share. Reed wants to do everything that Kai does and loves it when Kai picks him up and swings him around and they fall down to the floor. He cracks up at Kai all the time too! and Kai loves to make Reed laugh.

Reed loves his Nanna & Pops too! He loves to help pops drive the truck around the 5 acres and feed the chickens. There isn't anything that they wouldn't do for Reed and Reed knows it!

Reed loves his dogs. He has Smooch at our house and Mowgli at Nanna & Pop's house. Mowgli is a big dog, so Reed can waller all over him and squeeze him all he wants and Mowgli could hardly care. Smooch on the other hand is a bit smaller so he can't take a 35 pound kid sitting on him and I can't quite get Reed to comprehend that! This is one of the few moments that they are peaceful with one another!

Reed and his daddy are a lot alike. They both have the same temper and funny personality. Reed loves to fight like Iron Man with his Daddy in the floor. Once, he begged Eric to fight...again...Eric reluctantly refused as he was still tired from the first round, Reed put his sweet chubby hands on Eric's cheeks and made those big blue eyes swell up to golf balls and said..."Pwewy Pwease!". It works every time! Sometimes he even folds those chubby hands right under his chin, gives the little head tilt and says Pwewy Pwease! How do you refuse that!

Reed Loves his Paci...excuse me Pie so much. I mean just look at all the pictures with it in his mouth! We just started only giving it to him at night night time or in the car. Just recently he was ready for bed and we couldn't find PIE anywhere. Finally I gave up and said that Nanna must have both of the only two PIE's that we have. He made me call Nanna so that he could ask for it. Sure enough she drove it right over to him. and he was happy.

He's pretty smart too. After he has served his punishment for doing something bad, he immediately runs to you for a hug and Kiss to make everything right again in the world. He also hugs & kisses you whenever he wants something. He can be so bad or mean one second but then turn around and be an angel the next. He always tells everyone bye and hugs & Kisses everybody. Reed's great grandmother turned 83 this year and we had dinner with her at my mom's house. We went to leave and I sat Reed in her lap so that he could hug and kiss her and I swear grandmommie disappeared behind him. She's so thin and tiny and Reed is so huge you could hardly see her behind him and it looked like he was going to crush her when he hugged her. Grandmommie isn't the touchy feely type but when Reed kissed her cheek, her face glowed. He also gave his great grandfather a kiss and took him by surprise as well. There is nothing like the love of a child.

I thank God every night for my two beautiful children and I thank him so much for showing me the love of children. They love so much and unconditionally that it changes you. It makes you see everything in a new light. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I want to Remember...6

Blogging to me is like journaling or scrapbooking. It provides me an easier way of remembering things or recording them.  So this blog post is about some of the wonderful things I want to hold onto forever about my Kai! Tomorrow is his 6th Birthday

Kai is so kind hearted and he loves his little brother dearly.
This year he finally learned to swim and he loves it. and this has gotten rid of his fear of water in his eyes in the bathtub.
He also finally mastered riding his bike (still with training wheels) and his Dirt Bike (also has training wheels)
He is not scared of anything including opossums or chickens
He started Kindergarten this year at PUBLIC SCHOOL and he proves to me everyday how big and mature he really is. I'm so proud of him.
He has a temper like me, hence why we have squabbles, but he also loves like I do..with all his heart and so deep, so our apologies are blissful.
He loves to try new foods. He will never turn down a little taste, and is often shocked at how yummy it is. I'm proud of how good of an eater he is. He loves Fruits and Veggies, especially those that come from his and Nanna's garden. This picture is of him eating oysters on vacation. He love it. He also loves Lobster & Crab. Red Lobster is his favorite place to eat.

He loves to be outside and he loves nature. He can tell me so many things about some of God's most wonderful creations. Just the other day he explained to me how clouds were made out of water from the air and he said "I wasn't taught that, mommy I just knew it".
He is quite the gymnist too. (let me rephrase that...monkey) He has handle bar swings in his room from IKEA and he does so many *scary* tricks on them but he's good at it and loves to show everyone just how good he is.
This year turning 6 is a big deal to me because he has started doing so many big boy things he is no longer my little baby! He gives you the sarcastic attitude when he's trying to be funny, he's into video games and not Leapster games, teenage games without the graphic violence of course!
He loves his Nanna & Pops SO MUCH. They've taught him so many things that I never could have and I'm so thankful that he gets to spend so much time with them.

Since the day he was born I've been wrapped around his little finger.

He is no longer my little baby. Time goes by so fast and I cherish every moment we've had together and anticipate the coming years.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


So Reed is attempting to talk more. He is now putting words together and speaking more clearly. Last night he repeated me saying "Too Many Clothes" but it sounded like " Too maye cwose " but it was 3 whole words said all the same time! I couldn't believe it...he is getting so big.

Last night, he also said (while eating a blue curious George gummy) " Blue George" so not only is he talking but he knows his colors. He's the bomb!

Ok, Kai....Kai this morning while I was flossing, he very groggily stood at the toilet to pee (in underwear only...rock & roll underwear mind you) and let out a very odd sounding fart. He gave a little sleepy chuckle out loud:

Me: You think that was funny?
Kai: Yeah, that fart said **made fart noise** like it was sad.

This picture was him last night imitating a cute character on a poster inside Wingerz

This is Reed being his normal cute but mischevious self at Evans yesterday.

Monday, July 5, 2010

What a Weekend!

4th of July Weekend. Oh what fun. Mine was fun don't get me wrong but it was also...awful.

Saturday tradition...we go to Cracker Barrel for the aunts' birthdays. It was Audrey's Birthday.  We sit down I get biscuits and bananas and chocolate milk all ready for Reed. He is at the age where eating out is so much work because he wants to fight to get down, throw food and toys and most of all scream. I can avoid all this by keeping him fed, milk in his sippy cup and a plethora of cars within reach.

So, he finally decides to quit eating but of course it wasn't enough to satisfy what I thought he should have eaten. He then gets very fussy. Well, it is past his morning nap time so I surrender and agree to hold him. He's laying his head on me and whining. My food finally arrives and then Reed gets very very fussy. So I get up to walk around with him to calm him down. As soon as I round our table to walk down the very busy aisle, he pukes everywhere. Especially on me. Chocolate milk and bananas everywhere! It was so yucky! It was even in between my toes. I clean Reed and myself up the best that I could and waited and waited and waited for someone to come clean up the floor. Can you believe that the vomit sat there for probably a good 20 minutes before my aunt Audrey (the birthday girl) had to go complain to the manager to get someone to clean it up. I mean did they honestly think that I was going to offer to clean it up when I have my baby crying and puking all over me! Come on People! So Reed and I got cleaned up the best we could and we high tailed it out of there. The waitress stops us at the door offers us Sprite...uh no more liquids thank you very much...and tries to make small talk with us. LET US LEAVE LADY....come to find out she was worried about my bill. Mom informed her that she would take care of it.

So we get home and Reed was totally fine. It must have been the 2 cups of chocolate milk he chugged. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.

Sunday we go to Eric's annual Family Reunion. It was so much fun. Reed has a blast the only bad thing to go wrong there was a tick in Reed's hair and Reed couldn't get the horses to come to him because he was too busy yelling at them.

Then Sunday night comes. We walk around the corner to our friends' house to watch big fireworks. We start the night out with the pop em's. I told Reed NO that he couldn't do them. Eric convinced me that it wouldn't hurt. He was right, it was fine. Then the Sparklers came out. So of course Reed had to do everything Kai was doing. So Reed got one too. First one went great. He love it. We explained over and over it's hot don't touch the fire part. Otay he says. Then the 2nd one was lit and of course I had to get a picture. About that time Reed grabs the part of the sparkler that is on fire. After about another hour of holding an ice pack and wailing, we get home and I put some ointment on it and it appears he has 2nd degree burn on his hand.

SO I win the worst mom of the year award for letting my 19 month old hold a sparkler What in the hell was I thinking??? So from now on, I'm going to remember that he doesn't have to try EVERYTHING that brother does.


Please don't report me~!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Conversations with a 5 year Old

My parents have bought 15 more baby chickens for the boys.

So after playing with them all day, I pick him up and inform him that he is going to his cousins' house because Mommy & Daddy are going on a date. Here's the conversation:

Kai: What are you all doing on your date?
Me: We are going to see the new Vampire Movie (Eclipse)
Kai: I heard about that Vampire Movie.
Me: You's that.
Kai. It was on my baby chicks' news.
Me: (I had to think about this one for a minute) Do you mean on the newspaper in the chicks' cage?
Kai: Yes, mommy. They are reading about your Vampire Movie.

Well, when I picked him up he was at my Grandmother's house. He calls her Grandmommie like the rest of us do. Evidently he was helping my Dad and Duwayne cut down trees or bushes at her house.

Dad: Duwayne, are you sure Mommy wants us to cut these down?
Duwayne: Yes I'm sure.
Dad: Just checkin' because I know how she about her trees and shrubs.

Grandmommie walks outside.

Kai: Grandmommie!!! I tried to stop them but they won't listen to me it's just so sad!
Grandmommie: (hugs him) I know it is sad.

Kai later tells me how upset Grandmommie was about her trees.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


So the family and I went on vacation last week to New Bern North Carolina. It was the four of us and my mom and dad.

The drive was ten hours long. The boys did great (thank the lord for DVD players).
After making several wrong turns, we finally made it. (thank the Lord for GPS) So we thought this vacation was going to be spent on the beach in the ocean and close to a lot of happenin' places. We were wrong! We had to drive about 12 miles to get to anything which ended up not being much of anything and the beach was an hour away.

We did have a nice time though and a few adventures...

The old part of New Bern was pretty cool. We had to cross 2 bridges to get to it one being a draw bridge.

The town is celebrating 300 years this year and they are crazy about bears like we are about horses. I won't bore you with the details. But it was beautiful. They had a nice park that was near the water. Here are some photos of the boys playing in the park.

This was a newer church but still beautiful

Eric and I had a date in the historic part on Thursday night. We went to all the cool little shops and looked at the beautiful old churches and ate at the best place in the world!! Morgan's Tavern & Grill.  You walk in and you are thinking...what is this place b/c you had to walk about 1/2 mile down a narrow hallway. Then all of the sudden it opens up to a gorgeous room that looks like you are walking down the streets of Louisiana or Savannah. (not that I've ever been to either of those places) There were different levels of seating some under pergolas and our seating was set up like we were on the side of the street with old fashioned lamp posts and clocks and trees. It was so pretty.

So we started with the Drunken Mussels for Appetizer! They were so yummy.

Then I ate Rosemary Carmel Mahi-Mahi with Lobster Bisque. Mahi fish is so yummy on its own but this was breaded lightly and a Carmel Sauce was drizzled over the top and sprinkled with FRESH Rosemary. It smelled heavenly and tasted out of this world.

 Then I ate S'mores for dessert...again...scrumptious!

I'd have to say it was one of the best dates Eric and I have ever had. We got to take our time and just enjoy each other's company. Check out the photos of our food...yes I took photos! Eric thought I was stupid at first then thought..well maybe they will think you are a food critic and give us free shit...well they didn't. I'm sure I don't look like the food critic type. Befor eating we walked around downtown and marveled at this one beautiful church and their outside worship area. There were bricks all around etched with names of those members that had passed away. One in marble was dated all the way back to the 1700's. This little outdoor sanctuary was surrounded by huge mossy trees and just being there took you back in time and you could just picture the people worshiping the Lord here. Look at this picture of the cross with the sunshine peeking through the mossy trees to shine on the cross. It took my breath away.

Tuesday night we planned a trip to Ocracoke which is in the Outer banks. After mapping it out on the GPS and calling the Ferry we calculated that it would be a 2 hour drive to ride a boat for another 2 1/2 hours. We could stay on the island for about 6 hours then take another 2 1/2 hour ferry ride back to the mainland for another 2 hour drive home. Eric was dead set against it. He had a good point....with all the time traveling we could be almost home to Kentucky. But...I wanted to go to the Outer banks. My boss is from around there and has spent a lot of time there and assured me that Ocracoke was a cool town and that the beach was awesome...You can just drive up to the beach and pick up seashells by the bucketfuls he told me.

So Eric lost, Dad and I won. Mom could have cared less I think. The ferry ride was cool...the boys loved it. Reed kept screaming BOAT BOAT. We get to Ocracoke and drive through the small little did look pretty cool. Then I see a sign indicating that we could drive up to the beach here. So I scream let's go to the beach. So we drive on a sandy road that was never ending. Eric attempted to turn around because there was no sign on the beach. Dad (who was following our vehicle in his Venza) motioned him to keep going. So we keep going. As soon as we see the beach we realized that the vehicle is no longer moving. WE WERE STUCK ON THE BEACH. I mean literally stuck. Eric gets out and sure enough Dad is stuck too. As soon as Eric steps out these beastly green flies start swarming him and biting him. They bite so bad they draw blood! They hurt like hell. I felt so sorry for Eric and Dad, they were digging with their hands in the sand while fighting off bugs. A Beach towing truck showed up and helped them and finally after charging us EACH $65 towed us to safer sand but basically told us to get off the beach. He evidently showed up there every 2 1/2 hours when the ferry arrived. He made bank that day. He towed the two of us and one other person within 30 minutes. Then we saw him down the road about 2 1/2 hours later towing more! I've never been so terrified in all my life. I just imagined us having to walk back that LONG SANDY HOT road with the two boys because we had to abandon our car. That's how I felt! It was horrible. So needless to say Eric had enough by this point. We finally all agreed to go to Howard's Pub & Grill. It was so freakin' hot outside but we finally got to eat and Eric got enough beer in him to where the rest of the day was fine.

The ferry ride back was boring. We had been there and done that and it stormed on us too. So we are all huddled in this small room on the ferry and I'm trying to keep Reed entertained enough to keep him quite because a lady across the aisle was trying to sleep. I explained Look Reed that lady went night night so we need to be quite so we don't wake her up. So what does he do? He screams a blood curdling scream then laughs. I felt so bad. The lady didn't move and I finally got Reed quite. He proceeds to make scenes and do his little cackle laugh and Dad finally offers to take Reed to sit in the car. "Maybe I can get him to sleep" Dad says. I'm thinking..yeah right...but gladly hand him over. About that time the lady gets up and starts playing cards with her group of friends. (The noisemaker leaves and THEN she wakes up!) So about 10 quite minutes go by and we hear a car honking. Remember we are on a Ferry and there is no land in sight. We are out in the middle of the ocean. (not really the middle of the was a sound) I grimmace because I know it was Reed I just knew it. The lady turns around and says I've got money that the honk came from your little boy, I'm just waiting on the little cackle to ensue! I guess she was trying to be funny but it kinda hurt my feelings too. I'm doing the best I can here lady!

So that was pretty much it. We shopped and went to the beach one day. Reed didn't like it too much and neither did I. Kai loved swimming in the pool and learned how to finally swim and hold his breath under water. It was a great time but truly exhausting!!!!